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Since the publication of LaMpang: A Coming-of-Age Memoir, several people have asked me, “how did the idea to write a book of this magnitude that cuts across continents, and cultures came to fruition?”

The genesis of the concept begun at a younger age when I developed interest in writing journals. I’d document my experiences along my myriad of life’s journeys. When it became apparent that I would travel abroad to further my studies, I was excited about the prospects of seeing the world beyond the village I was so familiar with.  My interest in writing journals was further horned when I studied journalism at college in Los Angeles, California. Over the years, I kept meticulous journals of consequential events I encountered, some professional, some deeply personal, some pleasant and hilarious, and some not so pleasant. As I started to share with my family and friends some of these experiences, I was encouraged to share some of these experiences with the global community.

Along this journey, I came across phenomenal people who helped shaped my philosophy about life. These remarkable people are reflected throughout the book. Some of these characters, I met in the most unlikely of places such as airports, airplanes, schools, and work. The journey was not without some catastrophic failures and embarrassments, but there were some remarkable achievements along the way.

 The book is divided into several chapters that capture the core family value, the quest for education and a future of a young man, perseverance, motivation, cultural adjustment, and building connections/relationships. In almost every chapter, LaMpang narrates an encounter with someone, mostly ending in striking a conversation that develops into a meaningful relationship, even if temporary, but in many cases lasting.   The book also reveals LaMpang’s quest for knowledge and developing a deep understanding of contemporary issues. In this powerful storytelling style, the author provides history, and current affairs and takes you into decades of socio-political discourses including an analysis of musical genres. In all the difficult, sometimes dangerous, situations LaMpang reveals his adventurous life and love for travel, building social networks and the value of humanity and always reminding himself of his family values and sacrifices of his parents and siblings. LaMpang’s deep love for social justice is shown in his knowledge of the racial injustices as it relates to the brutally oppressive apartheid system in South Africa, history.

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How does a dreamer from a village in Nigeria become an accomplished man of the world? With faith, perseverance, quick thinking, and an accent that saves his life in unexpected ways. This is the riveting story of LaMpang, a teenager who believed in dreams without boundaries. But before his dream of becoming a broadcast journalist can be realized, he must embark on a journey full of trials, treachery, unexpected friendships, and divine intervention.

Told through decades of detailed journal entries, LaMpang chronicles an incredible journey from his Chindom village in Plateau State, Nigeria to Los Angeles, California in this inspiring coming-of-age memoir. However, this 10,000-mile transnational journey to the United States of America is neither the beginning nor the end of his adventure. It is the turning point that changes everything he knows about life.

As the eldest son of subsistence farmers who took great sacrifices to ensure his future, LaMpang must work hard and lead by example. Yet, in a country where corporal punishment was the status quo, he endures numerous cruelties that jeopardize his future. Despite it all, LaMpang steadily carries on with a sharp mind and a lot of prayer.

Still, for every step forward, he seems to take several steps back. On this unpredictable journey, LaMpang’s conflicted views are tested in ways he could’ve never anticipated as his revered culture clashes with his newly adopted country. He was familiar with tribalism, a strong loyalty to one’s own group in his home country, but nothing could’ve prepared him for racism, a term he wasn’t even familiar with. Moreover, LaMpang arrives in Los Angeles, California at a time when South Africa was still under the brutally oppressive apartheid system, a policy or system of segregation or discrimination on grounds of race. Confronted with racism and conflicted with the U.S. government’s bilateral support for the then Pretoria regime, he refused to be held down and discouraged.

LaMpang would device strategies to not only survive but to reconcile the conflicting cultures, and in the process, thrive. Most notably, his unique African accent would save the day countless times. With his voice, he meets incredibly compassionate people who go above and beyond their call of duties to right wrongs, direct him toward the best pathways, and ensure he is protected. He journeys across Europe, America, Mexico, and ultimately back to his homeland in Nigeria where he meets his soul mate, whom he calls his African Queen. Through every new encounter LaMpang has, he discovers more than he could have ever imagined of the world, of human nature, and of himself.

LaMpang: A Coming-of Age Memoir is an intimate recollection of observations and experiences full of twists and turns that put school, work, relationships, and life in a new light. With his journalistic skill, a kind heart, and a determined mind, LaMpang opens the curtain to his life and unveils a past that is both unexpectedly shocking and heartwarmingly inspiring.

Praise for

LaMpang: A Coming-of-Age Memoir

An authentic voice with so much to teach. Thank you, Diamond for sharing your immigrant experience – a journey of courage, community, communication, and connection.

Beth Ruyak
Former host of “Insight”
Capital Public Radio
Sacramento, California

A must read for everyone who believes the American Dream is real and obtainable for those who work relentlessly and seek it.

Dave Reed Brown
Retired Recreational Pilot & IT Manager
El Dorado, California, USA

An intimate, insightful, and compelling memoir. The author’s experience with race relations, the worst of America and the better angels of the society are often hilarious and a reflection of his naivety and innocence.

Steve Gukas
Nollywood filmmaker and director
 of the critically acclaimed movie, “93 Days”.

LaMpang is truly an inspiration, faith, and determination of a Nigerian American immigrant, a narrative of personal trials and triumphs along with family devotion and community spirit. This Memoir is invaluable for cultural adjustments of new immigrants and instructive for posterity.

Ernest Uwazie, Ph.D.
Professor & Chair
Division of Criminal Justice
California State University
Sacramento, USA

This memoir is very interesting in that the writer put a lot of effort to capture some specific details of how most young men grew up in a typical village in northern Nigeria. LaMpang details the struggle of a young man to obtain an education and the challenges some adults put in his way.

Joseph Dahip
Co-Author, “Towards a Mwaghavul History: An Exploration”
Coon Rapids, Minnesota, USA

This book explores the author’s personal experiences as a Nigerian immigrant in the United States. It is a captivating memoir that delves into themes such as culture shock, identity, and race relations.

Barnabas Daru, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Biology
Stanford University
Palo Alto, California

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